Information on our support service COMPASS, prostate cancer support groups and Prostate Health Services across Scotland.

If you have prostate concerns, your first port of call should be your GP, who may refer you to a urology service and other specialists.  There are a range of prostate health services available across Scotland.


To complement the care you receive from the medical experts, Prostate Scotland is currently developing a range of support and wellbeing services to help men across Scotland navigate prostate cancer and disease.  It is called our COMPASS project and in time it will cover information, courses, exercise programmes, workshops and support services.  See below for what is available at the moment.

Our COMPASS project

Speak to a Cancer Support Specialist

Finding out you have prostate cancer, or living with prostate cancer can change your life.  Whether it’s talking through being diagnosed with prostate cancer, chatting about your treatment options, speaking about your symptoms and side effects or the impact it’s had on your life, our service is here to help.  We offer appointments and the opportunity to talk with support specialists who have specialist knowledge of prostate cancer.

Our Cancer Support Specialists are available to listen, support and guide you.  The service is free and you can speak to us as often as you like.


Prostate Scotland and Maggie’s Highlands have teamed up to offer this service to men and their families living across the Highlands affected by prostate cancer.    Just call or email to arrange a time to visit Maggie’s Highlands, to speak on the phone or have a call online.

Tel: 01463 706306


Visit us at:  Maggie’s Highlands, Old Perth Road, Raigmore Hospital, Inverness, IV2 3FL


Prostate Scotland and Maggie’s Edinburgh have teamed up to offer this service to men and their families living across Lothian affected by prostate cancer.  Just call or email to arrange a time to visit Maggie’s Edinburgh, to speak on the phone or video call.

Tel: 0131 537 3131


Visit us at: Maggie’s Edinburgh, The Stables, Western General Hospital, Crewe Road, Edinburgh, EH4 2XU

We hope to have a similar service available in other areas of Scotland very soon so watch this space!

Join a Living Well with Prostate Cancer Course

This free course has been specifically designed for men undergoing treatment for prostate cancer or when treatment has finished.

We look at a range of topics including the practicalities of having prostate cancer and the side effects of treatment.  Whether you are experiencing fatigue, anxiety, urinary or erectile problems we’ll have experts on hand to talk through how to minimise your side effects. The course will also cover what you can do to live well, the potential impact on your finances and relationships along with many other topics!

You will meet others in a similar situation and hear from the experts.  The course runs over 7 weeks for 1.5hrs.  At the moment the course is being held online but we hope to run it face-to-face when it’s safe to meet in groups again.

Our Living Well with Prostate Cancer Course is running in partnership with Maggie’s EdinburghThe course is open to men across Scotland as it is online.

Our next course beginning on Thursday 28th January is now fully subscribed.  We’ll be running another course soon – please look out for a start date here or on our news pages.

To sign up for the course just call or email.

Tel: 0131 537 3131


Men who took part in the previous course said they would recommend it to other men and that it was worthwhile. One participant commented “So many different experiences from the other participants and some invaluable advice from the experts”.  Another said “First class. Thank you.”

Exercise Programme

We hope to bring you news of a new exercise programme in early 2021.  There is a growing amount of evidence showing the benefit of exercise for men with prostate cancer, so we wanted to develop something that was safe and accessible while the pandemic continues to impact our lives.

Other help and support

Support Groups

In several parts of Scotland there are prostate cancer support groups made up of men who have experience of prostate cancer.  They are friendly groups and come together to discuss key topics, provide support and in some areas they have a buddying service.

Prostate Health Services across Scotland

If you have prostate concerns, your first port of call should be your GP, who may refer you to a urology service and also to other specialists. You may find that not all treatments are available in your area and that for some, there may be either a regional service (e.g. for robot-assisted prostate cancer surgery), or a referral service in operation with another centre, especially in the case of external beam radiotherapy and brachytherapy.

At your treatment centre or across your region, there can often be a team covering urological/prostate issues which may involve not only a consultant urologist or surgeon, but a clinical oncologist (who is an expert in radiotherapy), specialist nurses, urological pathologists (who are specialists in checking biopsies and cells), and specialist physiotherapists.  A helpful list of medical staff you might meet is provided here.

Provision across regions is often called Managed Clinical Networks which are about bringing together specialists with knowledge to support patients’ progress. In the case of cancer, there are 3 major networks now operating in Scotland – SCAN for the South and East of the Scotland, WOSCAN for the West and NOSCAN for the North.

Please note we are sorry but Prostate Scotland is unable to answer any individual, personal medical questions, recommend which treatments might be suitable for an individual or recommend individual medical care or health professionals.