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Prostate Scotland Research Programme

Prostate cancer and disease are significant issues, but too little known about, with prostate disease affecting nearly one man in two at some stage in his life and one man in ten being at risk of prostate cancer. There has been progress made over the past two decades in in the treatment and support for men with prostate cancer and disease. The survival rate during this period has doubled, and with greater diagnosis and newer treatments coming on board. There were over 32,675 new registrations of men with prostate cancer between 2004 and 2014 and 9,133 deaths of men in Scotland from prostate cancer during that period. In 2014 there were over 3200 men diagnosed with prostate cancer, and 985 men died from it in Scotland. 5% of the male population over 65 is living with prostate cancer[1]

We are currently are running the 2018 Prostate Scotland Patient Needs Survey

There is still a significant need for further progress with one in five men with prostate cancer still likely to die from it, and recent NHS Scotland projects suggest an increase in incidence of prostate cancer over the next decade of 35%. In addition many men can have side effects from their treatments, as well as a need for further information about treatment options. Given the number of men affected and the likely increase in incidence there is a need to ensure that there is a greater understanding and emphasis placed on prostate treatments and services. To this end Prostate Scotland is taking forward a research programme (amongst other research work) which includes the following strands of research:

  • Research into patient views and perspectives
    Prostate Scotland, is taking forward a research project to ensure that men with prostate disease’s perspectives, needs, concerns and hopes on such key issues as treatments, services, side effects, and on daily living with prostate cancer are fully researched explored and where appropriate solutions to the key issues considered. This includes the taking forward of focus groups with men with prostate cancer and disease (and their families) and a  survey of men’s experiences and perspectives.We are currently are running the 2018 Prostate Scotland  Patient Needs Survey:

  • Research into future prostate services and treatment needs
    This project is being taken forward jointly with the University of Stirling Cancer Care Research Centre we have been taking forward research into future prostate services and treatment needs in light of the projected increase in incidence. This is focussing on the perspectives of clinicians.

For further information about our research programme please contact Gareth McAteer – Patient Research and Policy Co-ordinator via

[1]  See Scottish Cancer Registry March 2016 and Cancer in Scotland, Information Services Division NHS National Services Scotland October  2016