A message about COVID-19 and Prostate Scotland

Prostate Scotland would like to reassure everyone looking for information on prostate disease and prostate cancer that Prostate Scotland services are still available; although in adherence with Scottish Government guidance we are working remotely/from home.

To get in touch with a question or issue, email info@prostatescotland.org.uk or call our office and calls are automatically diverted.

If you are concerned about symptoms and think these may be due to prostate disease, then you should get in touch with your GP Practice.

If you are concerned about any aspect of your prostate cancer or treatment, then get in touch with your GP Practice or Clinical Nurse Specialist at the hospital.

‘Info Guidance’ pages on COVID-19 and prostate cancer can be viewed here.

Ordering resources.  Apologies we are unable to send out orders as promptly as usual.  Orders, particularly very large orders, when possible, can only be dispatched once every 2/3 weeks All publications are available to view on screen or download and print

Please take care and stay safe.

Now please read on below for more information about our work

We are a Scottish charity set up to provide information, advice and help on prostate health and diseases test and treatments. Nearly 1 in 2 men in Scotland will be affected by prostate disease at some stage of their lives and 1 in 10 are likely to develop prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in Scotland. Our Mission is to ‘inform, educate, support, campaign and advance on prostate disease in Scotland’. We want to see and help enable:

  • More men in Scotland to be aware of prostate disease and know where/how to get help treatment;
  • Public policy taking prostate disease into account and prostate diseases and treatment are higher up the policy agenda;
  • More men in Scotland surviving prostate cancer, and an increase in the numbers of men seeking early diagnosis;
  • Men in Scotland with prostate disease have access to the latest and most appropriate forms of treatment

Prostate Scotland provides men and their families and partners with information about the prostate, specifically:

We provide a range of guides and booklets, about prostate disease and its treatments these can be found in the Resources section. These booklets are also often made available in hospitals and key healthcare information points across Scotland.

We also work across Scotland to raise awareness of prostate cancer and disease. The more men who are aware of their prostate, what to look out for and how to seek help, the greater the numbers of those who can be treated. This work includes running awareness initiatives, including in the media, on buses, developing special awareness videos, posters, radio advertising and running regional and national awareness campaigns. We also run a vibrant Workplace Initiative to provide information via workplaces – including holding our popular Toolbox Workshops for groups of staff.

We work across Scotland to enable men to have access to the latest treatments for prostate cancer and disease. In November 2016 we completed the Blue Horizon Robot Appeal successfully raising £2.8m.  This helped bring about and support robot assisted prostate cancer surgery in the East and West of Scotland, with a robot in Edinburgh and Glasgow respectively.

We also undertake and research into the needs and perspectives of prostate patients in Scotland. This includes taking forward a joint research project with the Cancer Care Research Centre at the University of Stirling in to the future services and treatment needs of men with the prostate cancer in Scotland.

In addition we also advocate where relevant for prostate issues to be taken into account in policy developments by the NHS. This has included making submissions and presenting evidence.

We were pleased to receive the award for Best Charitable Initiative in the Pfizer UK Excellence in Oncology Awards 2009 for our website initiative. In addition we were a winner in the UK wide 2010 GSK IMPACT awards for our impact on community health. we have also received three awards in the BMA Patient Information Awards for our BPH and treatments Explained Booklet, Advanced Prostate cancer Explained in 2013 and in 2015 for our Work Place Toolkit

To find our more about who we are click  here. and to find out about what we do and for copies of our Reports and accounts click here

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Please note we are sorry but Prostate Scotland  is unable to answer any individual personal medical questions, recommend which treatments might be suitable for an individual or recommend individual medical care or health professionals.