Some virtual fundraising ideas to get you started!

Challenge a friend online or a member of your household to a fitness activity every day for a week or over the month: who can do the most press-ups, skipping, yoga poses, HIIT workouts, burpees, press-ups, dance routines, hula hoops, circuits, juggling, step-ups, Highland flings, Zumba moves, egg and spoon races, golf chips, welly throwing, pancake tossing…can you earn a donation for each activity – or do them all in your back garden in one day, Mini Olympic style?

Meet your family and friends online one evening for a quiz, karaoke, bingo, a bake-off, or a joke-athon and encourage them to donate what they would have spent on a night out to Prostate Scotland instead.

Always wanted to run a Marathon? Ask your family and friends to sponsor you a mile per day during your exercise allowance and you’ll get to the finish line within a month! Share your achievements on your fundraising page and on social media and they’ll be cheering you on!  You can even link your fundraising page to the fitness app Strava at no extra charge.

Or – would you rather climb a Munro, walk the West Highland Way or cycle the North Coast 500? Ask your friends and family to sponsor you to cover the equivalent distance or height by scaling your stairs, or walking or cycling around your garden!

Raise funds and awareness by wearing it blue: Wear a blue sweater, hat or face paint for every time you go online for virtual meetings for a month to show your support for Prostate Scotland and raise awareness of the prostate cause. Email your colleagues a link to our website after your meeting.

Spread the word – do you like your rhymes and your riddles? Are you lover of literature, limericks or an anagram fan? A poetry devotee? Set up a fundraising page, link it to your social media and publish your perusings every day for a month.

Thrifty Theatre: put on a concert, play, circus, puppet show, sketch show or live music night with the members of your household and ask for donations from your online audience.

Shopping online? Head to It’s free to use and you can raise funds in aid of Prostate Scotland every time you shop online:
• Go to and create a free account
• Start shopping – over 3,700 retailers are available, including many high street names, and Prostate Scotland receives donations from the retailers you have shopped with.

We’d be delighted to hear from you with more virtual fundraising ideas  – we’d be grateful if you could take a couple of minutes to register your activity  so that we can support you in your fundraising. You can also contact us at or on 0131 603 8664 or 0131 603 8660. Thank you!