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Spotlight on Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer

We’re delighted to publish our updated Spotlight on Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer booklet.  The booklet covers regimes of delivering radiotherapy,  including external beam radiotherapy and also combining external beam radiotherapy with a brachytherapy seed boost.  We’ve also included information about a clinical trial with stereotactic body radiation therapy.  It’s important to note however, that not all of these treatments will be suitable for all men.  Our booklet provides information to enable a man and his family to discuss treatments with his oncologist.

Mae Bell, Prostate Scotland Information and Advice Manager said: ‘ We have sought through our updated booklet on radiotherapy for prostate cancer to cover information on the range of  radiotherapy treatments available for men with prostate cancer in Scotland, including some more recently available. It should be noted that not all treatments will be suitable for all men.   In addition to the booklet on radiotherapy we also have a range of booklets on other treatments including our Spotlight Booklet on Prostate Brachytherapy

About our range of prostate information

Our range of prostate information booklets continues to be updated to help inform and support men with prostate disease. We’re pleased to have received very positive feedback on our updated ‘Early prostate cancer explained’ booklet over the last year.  One man commented ‘the booklet was essential in allowing me to understand the treatment options.’

We’re currently reviewing other booklets in our range: ‘Spotlight on Hormone therapy for prostate cancer;’ ‘Spotlight on caring for your indwelling catheter at home’ and our Explanatory booklet ‘Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia explained.’

The information in our booklets has been developed by Prostate Scotland and reviewed by our Advisory Group (PAGES).  Many of those involved in PAGES are clinicians, clinical nurse specialists and GPs who despite being under so much pressure from the pandemic, continue to provide support to enable Prostate Scotland to take our work forward.  We’d like to take to this opportunity to sincerely thank them.

We’re continuing to supply hospitals and GP practices throughout Scotland with our prostate information booklets.  These are given to men and their families free of charge.

Our full range of prostate information booklets and leaflets can be downloaded from our website here. To order copies, please email us on info@prostatescotland.org.uk or call 0131 603 8660.

Our new services for men recently diagnosed with prostate cancer

To complement the care you receive from the medical experts, Prostate Scotland is currently developing a range of support and wellbeing services to help men across Scotland navigate prostate cancer and disease.  It is called our COMPASS project and in time it will cover information, courses, exercise programmes, workshops and support services.

On 4 February, World Cancer Day, we launched our new exercise video specially designed for men with prostate cancer.  There is a growing amount of evidence showing the benefit of exercise for men with prostate cancer, so we wanted to develop something that is safe and accessible while the pandemic continues to impact our lives.

Head to prostatescotland.org.uk/help-and-support-for-you for more details of COMPASS.