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Try our new prostate cancer exercise video!

On World Cancer Day, we are delighted to launch our exercise video especially for men with prostate cancer.   Our video was produced by The Exercise Clinic, as part of our COMPASS project to help men and their families navigate prostate cancer.

At a time when people are spending much of their time at home, the free pre-recorded video advises people with prostate cancer how to exercise safely from the comfort of their own home.

The Exercise Clinic

The Exercise Clinic are experts in the field of developing and leading exercise programmes for people with prostate cancer.  We are delighted to work with them.  You can read more about their work here.

About the exercise video

There is a short introductory video to be viewed before undertaking the exercise video and you can access both on our website at prostatescotland.org.uk/help-and-support-for-you/exercise-video

The exercise video offers different levels of exercise depending on your fitness level, so whether you are just starting out or exercise regularly, it is suitable for all.  We recommend you check with your healthcare team before starting exercise, especially if you have recently had surgery.

Prostate Scotland wanted to develop an exercise video due to the growing body of evidence that suggests the importance of exercise for men with prostate cancer.   In addition, in 2020 we undertook a survey with men who have prostate cancer to understand the impact COVID-19 had on their prostate cancer experience.  Within that research men commented that they were missing their regular way to exercise.  Our pre-recorded exercise video helps men to access safe exercise at a time when gyms and other sports facilities remain closed.

Grab your trainers and give it a go!


To complement the care you receive from the medical experts, Prostate Scotland is currently developing a range of support and wellbeing services to help men across Scotland navigate prostate cancer and disease.  It is called our COMPASS project.  In time it will cover information, courses, exercise programmes, workshops and support services.

What’s available at the moment?

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