“Enjoyable, exercising, entertaining and educating” is just one of the comments made by the players about our innovative Prostate FFIT programme.

Our ‘players’ attended the pilot programme from January to April 2023 at Ibrox and Tynecastle. Prostate Scotland teamed up with the SPFL Trust and the University of Glasgow to launch it, and it’s free of charge.

Our teams for this season are currently training with Kilmarnock and Hearts.  Next season, starting January 2024, you can join us at Ibrox – Rangers FC – and Rugby Park – Kilmarnock FC!

Prostate FFIT Launch Hampden

More about Prostate FFIT

Prostate FFIT (Prostate Football Fans in Training) has been specifically designed for men undergoing treatment for prostate cancer or when treatment has finished.  It’s a tailored version of Football Fans in Training, the SPFL (Scottish Professional Football League) Trust’s flagship health and wellbeing programme, run at football clubs across the country. Rangers Charity Foundation and Heart of Midlothian FC delivered the pilot programme of Prostate FFIT in January 2023.

Here’s what our previous ‘players’ had to say:

“It is a very relaxed and informal atmosphere, allowing men from all backgrounds to share and speak bout a common problem, Prostate Cancer.”

“It’s changed my life – I feel fitter and 10 years younger”

“Smashing programme – added to my confidence and fitness”

Tailored to the needs of men with prostate cancer, our programme is based on research demonstrating the benefits of such exercise.  The University of Glasgow independently evaluated our pilot programme this summer. With evaluation complete, our current team of ‘players’ are now training with Kilmarnock and Hearts!

Prostate FFIT in 2024

Next season, starting January 2024, you can join us at Ibrox – Rangers FC – and Rugby Park – Kilmarnock FC!

We’re aiming to roll out Prostate FFIT to further clubs across Scotland. Our goal is to have a course in each of the five cancer treatment areas in Scotland.

We’d be delighted to hear from you if you’d like to join a Prostate FFIT programme.

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