Why leave a gift in your will to Prostate Scotland?

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer of men in Scotland.  It is expected that the number of cases will grow by 35% over the next 10 years.

The main reason to make a will is to look after your family and loved ones, but it can also be about looking after the health and wellbeing of others who are important to you. By including a gift in your will to Prostate Scotland you could do both.

A gift in your will is a wonderful thing – it costs nothing in your lifetime, yet it could make the world of difference to someone facing prostate cancer or disease in the future. This could even include future generations of your own family as we know that having a family link to prostate cancer can increase someone’s risk by up to four times.  If you are a man with an African/Caribbean background the risk is even greater.

How your gift could help…

Your gift could have a real and lasting impact. It could help prevent someone having to experience challenges you and your family may have faced.  It could even help save someone’s life.

Please help us make sure that every man can recognise the symptoms of prostate cancer and disease so he can get an early diagnosis, receive the most suitable treatment and have the best possible chance of living a healthy and fulfilling life after treatment.  For those who are already living with prostate cancer you can help us support them and their families with information about the disease, tests and treatment options as well as how to get additional support.

You will be remembered for your generosity and for the life changing legacy you gave for those at risk of or affected by prostate cancer or disease

If you would like to find out more…

If you have already included a gift to Prostate Scotland in your Will

If you have already included a gift to Prostate Scotland in your Will, it would be great if you could register with us for practical reasons. For example, often many years elapse from the Will being written to the gift being sent to Prostate Scotland. If, in the intervening period we change address or contact details we can alert your lawyers or Executors and it will make their task much easier.

If you’re interested in leaving a legacy in your will to Prostate Scotland and would like further assistance or information, please get in touch on the form below.

We aim to be back in touch within 5 working days if we are able to contact you by email or phone.

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