You may be asked to keep a ‘voiding’ diary.  Voiding means passing urine.

Over a few days, you will be asked to write down things like:

  • The number of times you go to the toilet during the day to pass urine;
  • The number of times you get up during the night to pass urine;
  • The approximate time of the day you go to the toilet;
  • The amount of urine you pass;
  • How often do you feel that you’ve not been able to completely empty your bladder?;
  • How often do you ‘stop and start’ when going to the toilet;
  • How often do you find it difficult to hold your urine?;
  • How often have you noticed a weak stream of urine or urine not flowing as quickly as usual?
  • If you have to push to make the urine start flowing;
  • What and how much you drank e.g. tea, coffee, water.

The diary is a good way to find out more about your symptoms and can be used to decide on the best treatment for you.