Photo of pin badge

We have Prostate Scotland pin badge collection boxes available, including ones with specially designed stickers for the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

The boxes can be ordered by filling in the registration form below and are dispatched by post.  Pin-badges-and-collection-box


  • We suggest ordering a minimum of 50 badges, and one box can fit up to 150 badges
  • The boxes are provided flatpacked for easy delivery and assembly
  • The suggested donation per badge is £1 which is shown clearly on the stickers on the box
  • Donations can be also be made through our website by scanning the QR code sticker on the box
  • Paying in proceeds from a collection box to Prostate Scotland

How to assemble our pin badge boxes



Registration form - pin badge collection box

Collection boxes are provided with Prostate Scotland stickers. If members of The Grand Lodge of Scotland would like to order box (es) which have an additional Grand Lodge sticker as well as Prostate Scotland stickers, please select this below and provide your Lodge name.
    Prostate Scotland does not share its supporters data with third parties or inundate them with fundraising requests. Selecting YES now will assist us to address prostate disease issues now and in the future
    I declare I am 18 years or over. I accept that Prostate Scotland will not be liable for any loss, damage, action, claim, costs, expenses, which may arise in consequence of my organisation of and participation in the collection and that the collection is not the responsibility of Prostate Scotland and will ensure that it is not described as on behalf of the charity. I shall do nothing that brings the name of Prostate Scotland into disrepute and not make any public statements on behalf of the charity. Any reference that I make to Prostate Scotland will ensure that I state that I am raising funds in aid of Prostate Scotland. I undertake not to collect funds in the street in aid of Prostate Scotland without obtaining a local authority licence. I also hereby give Prostate Scotland my permission to use my name and photographic likeness for promotional purposes for the charity.