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Prostate Scotland Cancer Navigator App launches!

Our Prostate Scotland Cancer Navigator App is free of charge and available to download now!

  • get it on Google Play and the App Store
  • or search ‘Prostate Scotland Cancer Navigator‘ on Google Play
  • search PS Navigator in the App store

We designed our App to support men to navigate prostate cancer. Get it on Google Play
Download on the App Store

  • Use our treatment decision making tool
  • Track your PSA test results
  • Monitor any side effects of treatment
  • Access practical information and support resources
  • Record consultations with clinicians
  • Keep details of appointments, tests and results
  • Set reminders to take medications

We teamed up with The Francis A Connolly Trust to develop and test our App. Our team at Prostate Scotland worked closely with prostate cancer patients and their families, and with clinicians and experts in prostate cancer in Scotland. It’s part of our COMPASS project.

More about our Prostate Scotland Cancer Navigator App

Our App is packed full of helpful information for men living with prostate cancer, and their families. The features help them to understand and manage many of the key issues that can arise, including managing potential key side effects of treatment which can occur from hormone therapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, such as:

  • fatigue
  • managing pain
  • urinary and bowel difficulties
  • erectile dysfunction

Other features include:

  • A tool to identify and monitor potential significant side-effects of treatment (red flags) in case a patient might need to take action or seek help and advice about their impact
  • A treatment decision making tool to help patients newly diagnosed with early prostate cancer, to help them consider what is most important to them.  The tool provides information about the treatments and enables them to compare these against the treatment choices they have been given
  • Information about living with prostate cancer and employment, finance and travel and travel insurance
  • My Personal Journal to enable patients to keep their key personal health information in one place
  • Address book to store important medical and health care contacts

We’ve received some great comments about our App:

“Very impressed.  Easy to navigate around.”  Consultant Urologist

“Overall, I found the App really useful and user friendly”  Patient Review

We would like to thank the Francis A Connolly Trust for their wonderful support developing and building the App. Thanks are also due to the patients and clinicians who gave their time and input to the content of the App. 

If you’d like to order some leaflets about our App for your organisation, head to our Resources.