1 minute Morag Idan

Introducing our new leaflet ‘Prostate Health: a guide to healthier lifestyle choices’

We’re pleased to introduce our new leaflet ‘Prostate Health: a guide to healthier lifestyle choices’ available online at prostatescotland.org.uk/resources. This leaflet aims to answer the questions we’re asked about the effects of diet and lifestyle on prostate health.

The topic is discussed in our Living Well with Prostate Cancer course – run in partnership with Maggie’s Edinburgh and part of Prostate Scotland’s COMPASS project – our new range of services for men recently diagnosed with prostate cancer.

More about our COMPASS project

To complement the care you receive from the medical experts, Prostate Scotland is currently developing a range of support and wellbeing services to help men across Scotland navigate prostate cancer and disease.  It is called our COMPASS project and in time it will cover information, courses, exercise programmes, workshops and support services.  Head to prostatescotland.org.uk/help-and-support-for-you for more details.