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Grand Lodge of Scotland makes it a Million in aid of Prostate Scotland

The Grand Lodge of Scotland has achieved its campaign target of raising over a million pounds in aid of Prostate Scotland in historic achievement.

It is the first time the Grand Lodge of Scotland, whose members are spread across the globe, has raised such a vast sum to be given to a single recipient. The achievement comes after a fundraising appeal lasting an incredible 10 years, recently named the Make It a Million campaign.
The announcement was made by the Grand Master Mason, Brother William Ramsay McGhee at a meeting at Freemasons Hall, Edinburgh on 27th of October 2022. He said: “The main thrust of my report this afternoon is to inform you, officially, that you have made it a million. What an amazing achievement Brethren. Your creativity, ingenuity, effort, determination, and fortitude have made history. For the first time you, the members of Grand Lodge, will hand over £1.1 million to a single organisation. The final cheque will be presented to Prostate Scotland at the Festival of St Andrew.
“Can I take this opportunity to record my personal sincere thanks for all you have done.“I know that our Immediate Past Grand Master, Brother Charles Iain Robert Wolrige Gordon who instigated the original initiative, Brother Joe Morrow, Chairman of the Benevolence and Care Committee and Brother Marcus Humphrey, past chairman of the Committee, would all wish me to say that collectively we are truly appreciative and grateful to you all.
“I would also like to say a special thank you to Mrs Dawn Oliff and her staff who have carried out an immense amount of administrative work in respect of the project.”
The Grand Lodge of Scotland embarked on the appeal to help increase awareness of the prostate disease, its symptoms and the treatments available. The money was raised thanks to a collective effort by thousands of freemasons who devised a huge range of fundraising initiatives. The most recent was a zip slide which contributed nearly £50,000 to the appeal.

Prostate Scotland director Adam Gaines said: ‘On behalf of Prostate Scotland we should like to offer our huge thanks and congratulations to the Grand Lodge of Scotland and all the Provincial Grand, District and daughter Lodges and Brethren for their extraordinary fundraising success. This wonderful achievement will make a phenomenal difference to Prostate Scotland’s ability to provide information and support to men and their families across Scotland and our work to raise further awareness. A million thank yous.

‘We are very grateful and proud to have such extraordinary and special support and partnership from the Grand Lodge of Scotland and Scottish freemasonry. This is such a significant help to our work to tackle prostate cancer and prostate disease. With prostate cancer being the most common cancer in men in Scotland and also prostate disease affecting nearly one in two men at some stage of their lives this magnificent support enables us to take our work to the next level’.