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Fundraising by Grand Lodge of Scotland in aid of Prostate Scotland tops £500,000

Prostate Scotland would like to sincerely thank the Grand Lodge of Scotland for their incredible support and partnership over the past seven years. The task of raising awareness and in providing information about treatments and also in working to help increase the survival rate from prostate cancer further has been made easier thanks to the generosity and engagement of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, Provincial, District and Daughter Lodges across Scotland and overseas.  At the end of November, at Festival of St Andrew, The Grand Master Mason, William Ramsay McGhee, presented Prostate Scotland with cheques totalling £41,000 in aid of our work. This now brings the total amount of fundraising by the Grand Lodge to date to a magnificent £536,000.

This year the Grand Lodge of Scotland and Scottish Freemasonry have supported our work with a wide range of activities in lodges across Scotland.  This also comprised a special lecture tour, ‘Remembrance, my 9/11 Experience’ by Moises Gomez, presently the Grand Historian of the Grand Lodge of New Jersey, USA.  Moises is a member of the emergency services of the port authority of New York and New Jersey where he was on duty and responded to both the 1993 and 2001 terrorist attacks.  The lecture tour organised by the Grand Lodge of Scotland which included significant public lectures in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Ayrshire reached many hundreds of people and raised an extraordinary £16,000 donation to Prostate Scotland.  Each of the lectures also featured a special talk by a consultant urologist about prostate cancer and disease.

Adam Gaines Director of Prostate Scotland said: ‘We would like to sincerely and wholeheartedly thank the Grand Lodge of Scotland and Scottish Freemasonry for the remarkable, generous and wonderful support and partnership that it has shown in support of Prostate Scotland and the battle to tackle prostate cancer and disease.  The extraordinary and phenomenal amount of £536,000 that Grand Lodge and Scottish Freemasonry have raised in aid of Prostate Scotland over the past seven years has made a major difference towards transforming our work across Scotland and enabled us to make a huge step forward in awareness of prostate cancer and disease in Scotland and in our ability to reach out to men and their families across Scotland.  We’d like to thank the Grand Lodge of Scotland and Scottish Freemasonry for their commitment to their partnership with Prostate Scotland, and for their hard work in creating great prostate awareness and fundraising in their local communities. Their support is deeply appreciated.’