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Concerned about potential symptoms of prostate problems?

Are you concerned about potential symptoms of prostate problems? In continuing to take forward our work to inform, support and advance on prostate issues, Prostate Scotland has compiled a document ‘I am concerned about potential symptoms of prostate problems – what should I do?

This information is available from the Resources section of our website: COVID-19 and prostate cancer

It’s been found that many people who have health concerns are not getting in touch with their GP practice, hospital or even attending A & E departments.  This could be for a variety of very well intentioned reasons, such as not wanting to put additional pressure on their GP practice or the health service, at this busy time when these services have so many other pressing matters.

It is however the case that the health service is indeed still very much open to help and treat people with urgent worries and needs. And the Scottish Government and the NHS and are assuring people that the NHS is indeed available and ‘open for business’ – especially so in vital areas such as cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Attending your GP practice

If you are worried by potential symptoms of prostate problems, then you should still get in touch with your GP practice in the first instance. The GP practice will most likely have some safeguarding measures in place and your first contact may be by a telephone or video call.

You can find out more about potential symptoms of prostate cancer or prostate disease here.

We hope and wish that you all stay healthy and well.

Thank you for your support.

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