I have been told I might have BPH. What is it?

?Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a condition which can affect men through an enlarged prostate, due to the growth of non-cancerous tumours. A small amount of prostate enlargement is present in many men over the age of 40 and particularly affects men over the age of 50. Nearly half of men over the age of 65 have either urinary symptoms or a reduced urinary flow due to BPH. Symptoms can include reduced urinary flow, dribbling after finishing urinating or an urgency to go to the toilet. Symptoms may start off as mild, but over time can get more severe and require treatment. Untreated BPH can, in some cases, lead to an inability to urinate or a build up of bladder stones or urinary infections.? For further information see the BPH pages