A CT scan combines special x-ray equipment with advanced computers to take many pictures in lots of different views inside your body. These pictures can be studied on a computer screen, printed out or transferred to a CD.

Why is it done?

It can show if the cancer has spread outside the prostate to the lymph nodes or the area around your prostate.

 What happens?

A special dye is injected into a vein, probably in your arm, to help make the pictures clearer. This might make you feel hot for a few minutes.

You will be asked to lie flat on your back on a narrow table and keep quite still as any movement may blur the picture.

At first, the table will move quickly through the scanner, then, more slowly as the CT scan is done. You might hear slight buzzing, clicking and whirring sounds as the CT scanner turns around you as the pictures are taken.  Although the radiographer isn’t able to stay in the room they can see, hear and speak to you all the time during the CT scan.

When the CT test has been completed, you will probably have to wait to make sure that the pictures are good quality so the doctor has sharp images to see what is happening in your body.

A CT scan usually takes about 30 minutes and most men will be able to go home after the scan. You will probably get the results back in about 1-2 weeks. Ask how long it might take for your results to come back and if you have to phone to get them.